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Clinically Applied Economic Evaluation

Economic evaluations of clinical trials of lifestyle interventions (i.e., exercise or physical activity) interventions from three unique cost perspectives (i.e., patient, health care system and society) to ascertain the value for money of these interventions among populations at high risk of functional decline due to mobility impairments, chronic conditions or cognitive impairment.

Patient research

Patient-Oriented Research

Patient-oriented research methods among populations at risk of functional decline to better understand how patient reported outcome measures may be useful in improving adherence to lifestyle interventions (i.e., exercise prescription) made in a clinical setting (i.e., Falls Prevention Clinic) to improve quality of life and reduce costs.

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Healthy Aging

To promote the healthy aging of Canadians by generating and implementing the health economic evidence. Three cross-cutting primary clinical areas relate to healthy aging across the lifespan: 1) mobility, 2) chronic conditions such as arthritis or spinal cord injury (future directions) and 3) cognitive function.


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